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cole-posterCOLE (2008) Dramatic Feature Film

Cole is a talented young writer with dreams too big for his small town. When he gets the opportunity to bring his talents to the city, he sees his potential for the first time, and spends increasing amounts of time away from home, falling in love with Serafina, a beautiful black girl from a privileged background with secrets of her own. Shackled to his family by responsibility, Cole finds it increasingly hard to lead a double life and is forced to choose or do the unthinkable: unite his two worlds.

Cast: Richard de Klerk, Sonja Bennett, Kandyse Mclure, Chad Willett, Michael Eisner
Director: Carl Bessai
Writer: Adam Zang
Producers: Jason James, Irene Nelson, Dylan Collingwood, Kimani Ray Smith
Partners: Rampart Films/Rampart Capital Corp/TAJJ Media/Titlecard Pictures/Raven West Films/Resonance Films

Screenings: Toronto Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival (Best Canadian Feature Film), Vancouver Film Festival, Edmonton Film Festival, Calgary Film Festival, Montreal Film Festival, Pusan Film Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival – Special Screening.