Monkey Beach is a supernatural mystery. Layering tragedy, humor and redemption, it tells the story of Lisa, a rebellious young woman who must accept her true heroic nature in order to save Jimmy, her brother who is lost at sea. Monkey Beach is set in the magnificent forests and waterways of the Pacific Northwest and the Haisla village of Kitamaat. Haisla cultural stories are woven into the contemporary lives of Lisa and her family, along with a cast of otherworldly characters including ghosts and Sasquatches – the ‘monkeys’ of Monkey Beach.

Director: Loretta Todd
Screenplay: Loretta Todd, Johnny Darrell, Andrew Duncan, Eden Robinson (novel)
Producers: Jason James, Matthew O’Connor, Lisa Richardson, Patti Poskitt, Loretta Todd
Principal Cast: Grace Dove, Adam Beach, Nathanial Arcand, Tina Lameman
Partners: Telefilm Canada, Crave, APTN, CBC Films, Reunion Pacific Entertainment, Mama-oo Productions